Lie Detection The Course

Lie Detection The Course

taught by Vanessa Van Edwards
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Matthew Wilson

Exactly What You Hoped It Would Be!

This course is definitely worth every minute! I have read so many different ebooks and textbooks on this very subject which, some of them were good, and some of them have now been completely discredited, thanks to this course. Vanessa and the Scie...

peter lim kai loong

the 100 minutes Lie Detection Course is really superb

As a Body Langauge coach myself, this Lie Detection course really blows my mind away. This is one of the courses that I never regretted to take to further enhance my skills and knowledge in Lie Detection.

luis chain


Great Course!! Thanks!! I will love to see more practice videos please!

Matthew Wilson

This course is definitely worth every minute! I have read so many different ebooks and textbooks on this very subject which, some of them were good, and some of them have now been completely discredited, thanks to this course. Vanessa and the Scie...

peter lim kai loong

As a Body Langauge coach myself, this Lie Detection course really blows my mind away. This is one of the courses that I never regretted to take to further enhance my skills and knowledge in Lie Detection.

luis chain

Great Course!! Thanks!! I will love to see more practice videos please!

Emiel De Jonge

This course is the absolute online course for human lie detection. I have done 4 courses on human lie detection including her course on udemy, before this one. The practical examples they provide is an amazing asset to this course and it makes the...

denis switzer

I'm 70% through the course. I love it. Lie detection made easy. Communication made easy. By being present, by paying attention you can have deeper more meaningful conversations without haveing the wool pulled over your eyes. Vanessa is well...

Vanessa Van Edwards
Vanessa Van Edwards

About the instructor

Do you know when someone is lying to you?

We like to think we are great at spotting lies—but on average we can only detect deception with about 54% accuracy. Don’t go to Vegas with those odds!

I believe learning how to spot deception is a life skill.

We should all know how to have more honest interactions. We should all be able to protect ourselves from liars. We should all be able to decode hidden emotions.

That is what our new course is all about.

It’s time you protect yourself against deception.

What You Will Learn:

I want to teach you how to:

  • Improve your lie-spotting abilities to up to 90% accuracy
  • Decode hidden emotions
  • Increase the honesty of your interactions
  • Learn the secrets of body language

Here’s the best part. All it takes is 100 minutes. Yes! You read that right.

I will teach you how to be a master lie detector in just 100 minutes.

I have boiled down the science of lie detection into a 5-Step framework so anyone can master it.

HOWEVER…I have to be really, really clear here.

Lie detection is NOT a simple or easy science. It will take serious practice. The 100 minutes of this course are jam packed. I move fast, I do not repeat myself and you will have to practice to get your accuracy up to 90%.

Think you do not need lie detection? Think again:

91% of people lie regularly at home and at work.

It’s time you get the tools to better equip yourself. Yes, I will teach you how to spot lies, but most importantly:

Please let me help you have more honest interactions with the people in your life.

This is not some fluffy, feel-good ideas. This is a science-backed system.

Is This Really a Science?

Yes! We have a database of over 2,000 academic studies from academic institutions and peer-reviewed journals. As far as I know, it is the largest database ever compiled on nonverbal science. We took this database and combined it with our original research in the Science of People lab.

  • We combed 2,000 academic studies looking for the most reliable methods of human lie detection.
  • We then coded hundreds of hours of real people lying to us looking for patterns that matched the videos.
  • I have taught this method to over 200,000 students and have tweaked, honed and perfected the framework into a repeatable, dependable human lie detection approach.

In the course you will get to actually watch some of the real lying video submissions and we will use them to practice the 5 lie detection steps!

human lie detector

Is this Course Like the Show Lie to Me?

Have you seen the show Lie to Me? Main character, Dr. Cal Lightman is loosely based on real-life Dr. Paul Ekman. Some of the science in the show is real (mostly in the first season) and some is completely made up. We will be teaching you the real science from the show. We also think real life lie detection is just as exciting as what you see on the show. It certainly feels like a superpower.

My Story:

The biggest question I get when I tell people I can teach them lie detection is:

What if it doesn’t come naturally?

You do not have to be born with a natural inclination to read people. And no one knows this more than me! I will talk a little bit more about my story in the course, but I was lied to a lot as a child. It destroyed my relationships and made me extremely skeptical of people.

When I finally discovered there was an actual science to lie detection, it was like a dream come true. BUT—it took me months to master it. The research was all over the place—scattered in text books and jargon-filled academic articles. And practice? Forget about it. There was no easy way to put my skills to the test.

As I built the Science of People lab I was able to turn what I had learned into a $2,000, 2-day course on body language and lie detection. People loved it and the results were incredible! But I kept getting one response:

Can you make it simpler?

So I worked and researched and turned it into a half-day course for $500. We still got the amazing feedback and results, BUT people kept asking:

Can you make it shorter?

Never one to turn down a challenge, I created a number of experimental courses where students tried a shortened, more power-packed version of the framework. I tested students at the start of the session to see their lie spotting abilities and found that the 5 step lie detection framework worked just as well as the 2 day long, 7 step one. BINGO!

After teaching this method to thousands of people and honing the methods, simplifying the strategies and creating incredible practice I finally am ready to present this streamlined, power-packed course to you.

Here’s my promise: Lie Detection in 100 Minutes

…and it will change the way you interact with people.

Lying Myths:

Because this course is based in research-backed science, it will debunk some popular myths about lying.

  • Lying Myth #1: If people look to the left, they are lying. Although there is some science about eye direction, which we talk about in the course, it is NOT a reliable form of lie detection. The course will show you more accurate (and easier) ways to spot lies.
  • Lying Myth #2: Liars can’t look you in the eyes. On average, honest people will make eye contact during conversations about 60% of the time–way less than you thought, right? Liars actually look you in the eye more because they want to see if you believe their lie or not.
  • Lying Myth #3: Emails and IMs are filled with lies because it is easier to lie when people can’t see or hear you. Which of the following have the most lies? Try to rank them from MOST to LEAST:



___Phone conversations

___Face to Face interactions

What do you think? Shockingly, we lie the LEAST in emails and IM because liars hate to commit their fraud to writing—that leaves a paper trail where they might get caught. Face to Face is next—we hate lying to someone’s face, it makes us feel guilty and afraid of being caught. We lie the MOST on the phone—no paper trail and no eye contact.

Yeah…it’s kinda like a superpower.

We are serious about lie detection don’t get me wrong—we have tons of science and research. But this course is also FUN. Do you like solving puzzles? Do you adore murder mysteries? Do you love to know about what makes people tick? Then this course will tickle your fancy. I am sure you have heard me say that here at the Science of People:

We are allergic to boring!

This was a HUGE factor while building this course. We have games, quizzes and lots of great videos. My goal was to have you glued to your screen so that at the end of the 100 minutes you are begging for more—yes, yes, we do have bonuses so there definitely is more = ).

But seriously, human lie detection science is cool. It’s a bit nerdy, but it’s nerdy cool.

Why is Lie Detection Important?

When you can spot TRUTH you:

  • Save money—know which deals are legit and which are fake.
  • Save time—know exactly what kind of person you are dealing with.
  • Save yourself—I never, ever want you to be taken advantage of.

This course will train you to get to the truth 80% to 90% of the time. That can save you money on a faulty house, from hiring a bad employee or making sure you know what is really going on with your child or significant other.

Here’s my goal for you in this course: Never miss a lie again.

And pricing is simple:

100 minutes for $100

human lie detector

Yup, that’s it. The course is just $100. Not only will you add Human Lie Detection as a skill in your arsenal, you can learn it right now!

  • The course is completely virtual—take it anytime, anywhere.
  • As soon as you hit the buy button you get instant access to all the videos and workbook. You could literally adopt this skill before your next meal.
  • You have lifetime access—the videos will never go away. You can log in and re-watch as many times as you like!

You'll get:

  • Over 18 video lectures
  • A 57 page workbook to follow along with as you learn
  • Access to our private Facebook group where we post lies in the media, cool practice links and insider tips on lie detection.
  • 5 Bonus videos for practice after your 100 minutes are done

You’ll learn:

  • How to spot lies
  • How to read body language
  • How to be a human lie detector
  • How to uncover hidden emotions
  • How to read people
  • How to get to truth in relationships
  • How to spot lies in business, social situations and networking
  • How to build honest relationships

This course is for:

  • Anyone who has ever suspected someone of lying
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Parents
  • Professionals
  • Sales Teams
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Teachers
  • Employers
  • Students
  • Employees
  • Poker Players
  • Actors

People LOVE This Course!

Here is what people have said about our framework:

Ethical Lie Detection

I want to end on a final note. When I first started reading textbooks on the science of deception I was a little embarrassed. I worried that what I was doing was weird or accusatory. After many years of practicing human lie detection and teaching it to amazing students like you, I know that ethical lie detection is not only possible, it is more effective.

The focus of this course is TRUTH, not LIES.

Lie spotting is not about accusing people or living a life of constant vigilance. In fact, it’s the opposite! I want you to live a life of truth, knowing that you have protected yourself. When you know how to spot lies you worry about being lied to less. No one knows this better than me—I went from being an anxious, weary, non-believer to finally having faith in people.

I know people are good.

I know I can have amazing, honest relationships.

I know I have the skills to see deception and protect myself.

Now, it’s your turn.

Join us!

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